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7 Stress Relief Strategies You Can Do in 10 Minutes or Less

The feeling of stress can take a toll on your day. If someone is feeling a tremendous amount of stress it can affect your daily life. Paula Davis-Laack J.D., M.A.P.P., a contributor writer for Psychology Today, has some strategies you can do in less than 10 minutes that can relieve stress. 

10 Crucial Differences Between Worry and Anxiety

A lot of people mistaken worry for anxiety. However these two feelings are completely different. Although they are different they can be associated with one another. Sometimes worry and anxiety can be difficult to differentiate. Guy Winch Ph.D., a contributor writer for Psychology Today, says there are 10 crucial differences between worry and anxiety. 

6 Heart-Warming and Fun Stress Busters

Everyone, at some point in their life, they are can have an overwhelming feeling of stress. This can be caused by work, school, or stuff in your personal life you may be going through. The levels of stress people few can all be different, depending on the person. Everyone handles stressful situations differently. Here are some helpful was to relieve stress. 

Quirky Stress-Reduction Tips

Everyone endures a little bit of stress sometime in their lives. Stress can come from school, work, or just your everyday life. Some people have more stress than others, but even those who only get stressed out occasionally and benefit from stress-relief tips. Vikki Stark M.S.W., M.F.T., a contributor writer for Psychology Today, has a list of some stress-reduction tips that may seem a little quirky. 

How to Have More Laughter and Less Stress through the Season

For many people, the holiday season is hard. It’s a time that can so easily bring up past family issues, feelings of loneliness, and sadness. And those feelings, if you’re a recovering addict, can bring up cravings to use and even relapse. Yet, whether you’re in recovery or not, there are ways to keep your mood light and not let the past or your feelings get the best of you.

How to Stay Stress Free During the Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be a time to spend with family and friends. However, the holidays always seem to bring on a load of stress as well. This may just have to do with the amount of stuff you need to do. The stress of your income and how much you can spend on others can be stressful, hosting a holiday party could bring on stress, and the excess traffic and the shopping crowds could bring on stress as well. Here are some tips on how to stay stress free during the holidays. 

Steps to Stop Feeling Stressed or Anxious

Feelings of stress and anxiety can affect the way we do daily activities. Sometimes stress and anxiety can be so prominent that we cannot accomplish the simplest daily tasks. Stress and anxiety can also take a toll on how your body feels. According to Erica Reischer Ph.D., says there are 5 steps to take to help you stop feeling stressed or anxious. 

How to Stop a Panic Attack Before it Starts

Panic attacks are more common than most would think. Those who suffer from panic attacks usually think they are alone. However, they are one of the many people who experience panic attacks. Panic attacks can be scary, especially the first on. Luckily there are ways to stop a panic attack before it even starts. Michele Rosenthal, a contributor writer for, has some tips on how to live a panic free life. 

8 Ways to Vacation Right and Recharge Your Health

Vacations are not only a time to travel and see other parts of the world; vacations are also a time for people to take a break from their busy lives and recharge. However, this can be hard to accomplish while traveling, especially if you try to fit in too much stuff with the little time you have. Here are some tips to vacation the right way: 

    Try Progressive Muscle Relaxation To Find Inner Peace

    If you’re faced with stress, emotional turmoil, or a challenging circumstance that is creating tension, you can use an old and incredibly popular technique known as Progressive Muscle Relaxation.