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What is Licensed Pre-Marital Therapy?

Pre-marital therapy provides an opportunity for a couple to discuss difficult issues, looking for a solution that works for both members before saying I do.  It is important to know what each person likes and wants, does not like nor want and finally and often of significant importance, is what is non-negotiable for each member in the couple. 

Gaining an understanding of these issues will provide insight before entering into a marriage contract, where a couple can then become gridlocked on issues because they were not disclosed nor discussed before entering into their commitment to one another.  Religion, differing religions and how the couple plan on celebrating holidays, traditions around their religions is another topic that is suggested to discuss before entering a marital contract to increase the probability of wedding bliss forevermore. Investing in pre-marital therapy offers great possibility of increasing life-long marital satisfaction.  

Why is Licensed Pre-Marital Counseling Important?

As a Licensed Marriage Therapist, LMFT, providing licensed pre-marital therapy, a new trend I see occurring is couples coming in for licensed marriage therapy prior to getting married.  I strongly recommend couples consider licensed pre-marital counseling before marriage.  I am currently seeing couples during their engagement as a kind of check in to iron out any issues that are occurring prior to their big day.   We determine collaboratively what each one wants, does not want, and look for problem areas where neither can negotiate.

Determining these problem areas and whether the couple can reach a compromise or solution is critical before moving on to a lifetime of commitment.  I encourage you to provide yourselves with the gift of pre-marital counseling, Feel free to contact me and discuss any concerns or questions you have before this enormous transition in your lives. Congratulations!