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marriage therapy

Marriage Therapy

Marriage therapy can help you gain insight into your relationship, resolve conflict, and improve relationship satisfaction.

Sustaining a marital relationship requires work and dedication.  This is where it can be helpful to obtain licensed marriage therapy from a licensed Marriage Therapist, or abbreviated credentials LMFT.  I often ask couples as a comparison if they would wait to take their car in for service when the brakes are shot and the tires are falling off of their automobile.  Relationships require maintenance, similar to our automobiles.  When aware of them needing service and care, and we obtain professional assistance our cars as well as our relationships run more smoothly. As a licensed marriage therapist providing licensed marriage therapy I listen to both of your needs and collaboratively determine goals and specific behaviors that will get your goals met.  I provide psychoeducation on various communication techniques.  I listen carefully for cycles and patterns of communication that keep the couple stuck in their negative cycle of communication. I encourage you to not wait until your relationship is falling apart and provide yourselves with the gift of licensed marriage therapy.  Maintaining your relationship brings new awareness to both parties providing new excitement and deeper connection.  Keeping marriages alive and exciting is possible, contact me for an appointment so we can begin to explore your endless possibilities together!