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Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling - Chris Massman, LMFT

Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling - Chris Massman, LMFT

Couples Therapy

My approach to licensed couples therapy is a collaborative one.  I begin by meeting you as a couple.  I then proceed to spending a bit of one on one time with each of you.  I conclude our first session by bringing you both back into my office and begin to formulate each of your needs into your treatment plan. 

Are one of you or both of you tired of having a third party in the relationship?  Does alcohol, drugs, gambling, work, technology, and other issues get more attention, priority or energy than you?  If one of these elements plays a role in complicating your relationship I believe I can help. My specialization is in the field of addiction.  Whether you are ready to admit alcohol, drugs, gambling, or any other disease or issue is causing your relationship a problem let’s respectfully sit down and discuss various alternatives. 

Communication, listening, and being validated by your partner is another area of difficulty for couples.  I use communication interventions as well as education by world renowned couples therapists to educate my couples on what gets in the way of effective communication. 

I ask my couples to describe in specific details behaviors that will get their needs met in the marriage.  I often prescribe homework for you to work on outside of my therapeutic setting for you to bring the results in the following week, so we can process what is and what is not working. 

Some of the issues currently and previously presented in licensed couples therapy include:

·         Infidelity

·         Religious Differences

·         Role Reversal

·         Trust

·         Balance

·         Family Issues

·         Addiction

·         Alcoholism

·         Effective Communication

·         Listening Skills

·         Childcare Issues

·         Anger

·         Grief & Loss

·         Reestablishing Connection in a Complacent Relationship

·         Different Views on Finances & Money Management

·         Cultural Differences

·         Socioeconomic Differences

·         Blended Families

I have been trained in various therapeutic modalities.  I select what I feel will be most effective with the couple in my office.  During licensed couples therapy, my goal is for each of you to feel heard and respected.  If I feel one member is doing a majority of the speaking I will warmly encourage that partner to allow the other member time to be heard.  My goal is to achieve balance in your relationship.  I do not believe in a 50/50 % partnership.  I encourage each member to devote 100% to the relationship.  Are you interested?  Would you like to take your relationship to new or more satisfying levels?  Perhaps discussing how you could spice up a complacent relationship?Would you like to explore how you feel about who you are in your relationship?Come in and let’s see what is negotiable to take your relationship to the next level.  I look forward to the privilege of getting to work with you and your partner.