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Addiction Counseling Services - Chris Massman, MFT

Addiction Counseling Services - Chris Massman, MFT

Addiction Counseling

The science of addiction began to be studied in the 1930’s.  People who struggled with addiction where thought to be weak.  Society viewed addiction as a moral failing of an individual rather than a health issue.  Thanks to scientists, there is a better understanding of addiction because of various studies conducted on the brain. 

Addiction and alcoholism are family diseases passed from one generation to another through genetics, learning and environment.  Addiction has further been defined as a chronic brain disease.  Addiction is an incurable, yet treatable disease.  Individuals can choose to participate in addiction counseling or recovery yet will never be recovered.  Recovery is a constant process and relapse is a part of the recovery process.  Addiction compels an individual to use drugs despite negative consequences.  People who use drugs behave impulsively and may engage in harmful behaviors. 

Drug use can begin for various reasons:

·         Peer pressure

·         Enhance sports performance

·         Accidents

·         Manage anxiety

·         Manage stress

·         Avoid pain

·         Produce pleasure

·         Experimentally

·         Feeling unwanted

·         Do not feel like you fit in

·         Trauma

Genetic factors account for 40-60% possibility of a person becoming addicted.  What age use begins and how drugs are administered are factors that may increase the risk of addiction. According to Dr. Harold Urschel, III: “People who begin drinking or using drugs at an early age, by age sixteen or earlier, are 40 percent more likely to become addicted than people who wait to use alcohol or drugs until they’re 21 years old” (Urschel III, 2009).

Over thirty years of personal life experiences inspired my continued education in becoming a Chemical Dependency Specialist.   My life experiences as well as my continued education after receiving my Master’s Degree, provides me with a passion to assist you and the disease of addiction.  Remember, you are not you’re disease.  I look forward to speaking to you and listening to your needs, wherever you are in your process.