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Quirky Stress-Reduction Tips

Everyone endures a little bit of stress sometime in their lives. Stress can come from school, work, or just your everyday life. Some people have more stress than others, but even those who only get stressed occasionally may benefit from these stress-relief tips. Vikki Stark M.S.W., M.F.T., a contributor writer for Psychology Today, has a list of stress-reduction tips that may seem a little quirky. 

  1. Look at the sky and really notice what's up there
  2. When a song comes on the radio that you know, sing along.
  3. Leave enough time to get to places fifteen minutes early and then spend time just sitting still 
  4. Take a bath. Put on spa music and light candles
  5. Play with your cat or dog
  6. Look at old photos
  7. Give an extra hug to friends and family 
  8. Devote time everyday to doing nothing but listening to the sounds around you
  9. Jumping jacks 

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