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Your Physical Health Plays a Role in Your Mental and Emotional Health

Keeping yourself physically fit can help keep you emotionally and psychologically fit as well. When you're staying on top of your physical health you might notice that you're mentally clear, more creative, more resilient when faced with stress, and even happier. Yet, when you're not eating well, leaving exercise for the end of the month (or not exercising at all), ignoring aches and pains, and avoiding going to the doctor when not feeling well, you might notice that your levels of stress and irritability are higher. 

10 Stats That Prove Mental Illness Affects Everyone

When most people think of mental illness there is a stigma that comes with the term. Most people have negative "thoughts" about it. There are so many stereotypes out there about people who suffer from a mental illness. Lindsay Holmes, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post, has put together a few stats that prove that mental illness is not just a personal issue but it is an issue for everyone. 

9 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Stigmatizing People with Mental Illness

Those who suffer from a mental illness have been stigmatized for years. Luckily, as we are about to enter 2016, people are learning more about mental illnesses and learning to say goodbye to the stereotypes of those with a mental illness. Rachel Griffin, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post, says there are 9 main reasons we all need to stop putting a stigma on those with a mental illness. 

What is Emotional Abuse?

Most people know what physical abuse it and they know the signs of someone who may be a victim of physical abuse. We hear more about physical abuse because it is more known, and visible. There is another form of abuse that most people have heard of but it's not talked about as much. This form of abuse is emotional abuse. The signs of emotional abuse can be more difficult to notice. Gregory L. Jantz Ph.D., a contributor writer for Psychology Today, explains what defines emotional abuse.

Easy Practices to Feel Better About Your Life

It is extremely easy for us to let our emotions get to us, and ruin our day. Not only do we need to take care of our physical health but also need to take care of our emotional health. Our minds are very powerful thing and we can easily get too caught up in negative thoughts. Aldo Civico Ph.D., a contributor writer for Psychology Today, has some tips on how to feel better about your life.