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mental health

The Connection Between Change and Our Emotions

Change. A small word with a lot of power. Change can be defined as anything that causes you to modify some part of your life. Your residence, your job, your relationship status, or a death in the family are all examples of change causing agents.

Why Labels and Stigmas are So Dangerous

Something negative happened to you in your childhood. You stole candy from your neighbor’s house when you were ten years old. It would be horrible if you had to live the rest of your life being called and thought of as a thief.

7 Tips for Addressing Teen Mental Health

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five teens is living with a mental illness. Being a teenager is stressful. Teenagers have stress from areas including classroom, extra-curricular, peers, chores, work, and even parents.

How to Tell Your Child They Have a Mental Illness

Talking about your own mental illness is much easier than talking about your child’s. Parents would much rather have any type of problem rather than have their child suffer. Telling your child they have a mental health disorder can be difficult and provoke anxiety.

What are Mental Health Risk Factors?

Many people have parents or ancestors with mental health disorders. That means they may have some genetics within them that could lead to similar mental health disorders. Just because they have the genetics, however, does not mean they will automatically develop a mental health problem.

7 Ways Music Therapy Benefits Mental Health Disorders 

Music is written with emotion and the intent to make you feel that emotion. Music is wonderful and extremely therapeutic. See how we can help you with this.