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Your Physical Health Plays a Role in Your Mental and Emotional Health

Keeping yourself physically fit can help keep you emotionally and psychologically fit as well. When you're staying on top of your physical health you might notice that you're mentally clear, more creative, more resilient when faced with stress and even happier. Yet, when you're not eating well, leaving exercise for the end of the month (or not exercising at all), ignoring aches and pains and avoiding going to the doctor when not feeling well, you might notice that your levels of stress and irritability are higher. 

Perhaps it's obvious  to you already that there is a connection between the body and health of the mind. In fact, physical activity can address all the aspects of one's health: physical, physiological, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Physical activity can release endorphins, which help to boost positive feelings. Exercise can also help with the health of the brain, including making new neural connections, which can facilitate any life changes you're trying to make. 

You might notice other connections between your physical and psychological health. For instance, many people who experience depression also experience aches and pains in the body. Those who experience anxiety or panic disorder feel the discomfort of their symptoms in their body, such as rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, shallow breathing and an inability to move. 

In fact, research has shown that those who exercise on a regular basis can actually prevent experiences of depression. Because of this research in recent years, exercise is now a regular part of a person's treatment when being seen for depression. Keep in mind that a person doesn't have to be a die hard athlete to experience the benefits of exercise. In other words,  you don’t have to run three miles a day. Simply taking a walk regularly can boost mental health. 

Eating healthy foods can also support your overall physical health. When you have a diet that is rich in nutrients, you can help replenish the body and give it energy. Healthy eating can also help repair organ tissue and even strengthen the immune system. In fact, if you're healing from a particular mental illness, such as addiction or depression, healthy eating can help your overall mood. This is especially true if you eat foods that help to boost mood such as those that increase the production of serotonin. 

Lastly, another area that's essential for taking good care of the body is getting good sleep. Getting at least 7 to 8 hours is ideal for adults while about 9 hours is good for teens. You may notice on the days you haven't slept well that you're more irritable, easily frustrated and have less ability to handle stress. 

When you’re eating well, getting good sleep and exercising on a regular basis, you simply feel better. That can, in turn, help you make the right choices, help keep the vision for your future front and center in your life. Ensuring your physical health can in many ways ensure your psychological and emotional health too!


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