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Signs Your Significant Other is Entirely Wrong For You

In the early stages of a relationship, it usually seems like there is nothing wrong, or that nothing could go wrong. When  new relationship starts it is also easy to overlook the warning signs. Brittany Wong, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post, says the following are signs that your significant other is wrong for you. 

Science-Based Tips To Maintain a Happy, Lasting Relationship

Most everyone knows that relationships aren't easy and they take a lot of work and time. Some relationships may seem easier than others, but they all take work from both people. When you look back on a great relationship, and look and what ruined, most would say they were silly mistakes, that could've been avoided. Gleb Tsipursky, a contributor writer for Huffington Post, has some science-based tips to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. 

8 Relationship Problems You Just Can't Fix

In every relationship, there are going to be problems. Some problems can be worked out between the 2 people in the relationship. There are some other problems that sometimes just can't be fixed. Some marriage therapist have listed the problems they've seen within a relationship that can not be fixed. 

10 Ways to Know If Your Relationship Is/Was Good For You

Every relationship your are in you learn more about yourself and what you truly want in a relationship. You learn what to look for, what are immediate red flags, and how you think you deserve to be treated. Some relationships don't work out, but you may still be thankful you were in that relationship. Some don't work out and you wish had never gotten involved. It's important to know what a healthy relationship is. Susan J Elliot JD, M.Ed., a contributor writer for Psychology Today says there are 10 ways to know if your relationship is/ was good for you:

10 Ways to Increase Intimacy

As time goes on in a relationship, it is very easy to get too comfortable, and forget about intimacy. Many couples go through this. Susan K Perry Ph.D., a contributor writer for Psychology Today, says: " Intimacy is the sense of being fully known by another person, and of being loved because of who you are." Here are some ways to increase intimacy in your relationship. 

10 Ways to Get Your Needs Met

In a relationship both people have needs that need to be met by the other person. Sometimes these needs are met, and sometimes they aren't. Needs may not be met, simply because the other person doesn't know that there is a need that isn't being met. A problem in most relationships, is that people don't know how to ask for what they need in a relationship. Barton Goldsmith Ph.D., a contributor writer for Psychology Today, says there are 10 ways to get you desires met. 

13 Signs You're in a Healthy Long-Term Relationship

Every relationship is completely different. Some people are able to put up with certain qualities, while for others it may be a complete turn off. However, there are some common signs most people see in a relationship, that show your in healthy long-term relationship. Aly Kholifi, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post has a list of 13 signs you're in a healthy long term relationship. 

The 7 Laws of Lasting Love

Being in love with someone can be an amazing feeling, but it can also be stressful at times too. Both people in the relationship need to be on the same page. Those who have been in relationships for years may have the laws of lasting love figured out. Aldo Civico Ph.D., a contributor writer for Psychology Today, says there are 7 laws of lasting love. These laws can help your relationship and can help love last. 

Top Reasons Couples Seek Counseling

With every relationship, whether it's a romantic relationship, a friendship, or relationships with family, everyone is at some point going to have disagreements or not get along. When you are in a romantic relationship, there are usually some issues because that is the one person you spend the most of your time with, and probably are the most comfortable around. It doesn't matter how long you've been together, every couple has their problems, big or small. Here are the top reasons why couples seek out counseling:

7 Signs You're in an Unhealthy Rebound Relationship

When a relationship ends, most people may find themselves in a new relationship soon after. These relationships are usually known as a rebound relationship. Jumping into a new relationship is a way for some people to easily move on from their previous relationship. Preston Ni M.S.B.A., a contributor writer for Psychology Today, says that some rebound relationships can be unhealthy. Here are some signs that a rebound relationship may be unhealthy.