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10 Ways to Increase Intimacy

As time goes on in a relationship, it is very easy to get too comfortable, and forget about intimacy. Many couples go through this. Susan K Perry Ph.D., a contributor writer for Psychology Today, says: " Intimacy is the sense of being fully known by another person, and of being loved because of who you are." Here are some ways to increase intimacy in your relationship. 

  1. Disclose more to feel closer 
  2. Make time for deeply emotional conversations 
  3. Do something new or big together 
  4. Relish the routine 
  5. Shake up the routine 
  6. Make it harder to walk away 
  7. Ensure that it's safe to be open 
  8. Consider whether you're a better match than you think 
  9. Give credit where it's due
  10. Intimacy is more than words, more than sex

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