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13 Signs You're in a Healthy Long-Term Relationship

Every relationship is completely different. Some people are able to put up with certain qualities, while for others it may be a complete turn off. However, there are some common signs most people see in a relationship, that show your in healthy long-term relationship. Aly Kholifi, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post has a list of 13 signs you're in a healthy long term relationship. 

  1. You don't have to see each other every day 
  2. You don't have to update each other of the most minute of details 
  3. You don't impose your friend to be his friends and vice versa 
  4. You don't try to impress each other with most expensive of gifts 
  5. You don't use any filter when you talk 
  6. You don't torture yourself with boredom to death by pretending to like what he likes
  7. You don't care what he sees anymore when you're without makeup or fresh from slumber
  8. You don't support him in all of his rants and complaints about the world
  9. You don't act like a curfew officer anymore 
  10. You talk about the specifics of the future 
  11. No buts, no ifs. He is your ally
  12. You value his thoughts. He values yours
  13. You don't really see or consider him as a boyfriend anymore 

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