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Science-Based Tips To Maintain a Happy, Lasting Relationship

Most everyone knows that relationships aren't easy and take a lot of work and time. Some relationships may seem easier than others, but they all take work from both people. When you look back on a great relationship, and look at what damaged it the most, do you ask yourself this question, could it have been avoided? Gleb Tsipursky, a contributor writer for Huffington Post, has some science-based tips to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. 

  1. Be intentional 
  2. Avoid failing at their mind 
  3. Use tell culture
  4. Remove communication barriers 
  5. Practice emotional attunement 
  6. Check in on your relationships
  7. Trust others
  8. Respect boundaries and privacy 
  9. Have healthy conflicts 
  10. Meet your own goals
  11. Compromise 
  12. Don't fight against change or diversity 

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