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mental health counseling

The Role of Genetics in Mental Health

Genetics play a key role in the field of mental health. Genetics sometimes is confused with heredity. While the two are intertwined, there is a difference.

Why Mental Health Counseling is Needed for Certain Behaviors

Mental health therapy is a process, which serves as a way to uncover and understand behaviors, establish communication, reduce stress, and resolve conflicts. Therapy is usually sought out when an individual or family has concerns about issues that are causing disruptions in daily life.

Overcoming the Shame of Attempted Suicide

Depression can cause your brain to go off and think about yourself in ways that can make you feel as though your life is not worth living.

Treatment For Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

In our society, because men are taught to show no emotion, it makes it extremely difficult for them to overcome their sexual abuse. Most men who have been sexually abused keep all their emotions bottled up inside. This can cause many issues including anxiety, heavy drug use, or even having sexual intercourse at an earlier age. That is why it is so important to get proper treatment! 

Depression: Latino's Born in the U.S

Depression can be found in every culture. Study's show that Latino's who are U.S born have double the rate of depression than their immigrant counterparts.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Mental Health Treatment

Depression, addiction, and PTSD all hinder your mental health. In order to really progress and heal from mental health, it is important to be proactive. Besides taking medication and going to talk therapy, it is also important to make sure to put yourself first. This does not mean you have to be selfish, it just means you should be aware of your needs, and make sure those needs are being met. It is also important to speak up if anything about your treatment is unclear to you. 

How to Help Your Loved Ones Suffering From PTSD

In order to help Someone who suffers from PTSD, you need to understand what PTSD is. It is also important to make sure to not take their behavior personally

Signs of a Codependent Relationship

Relationships are meant to help us grow. When someone is in a codependent relationship, they feel as though they cannot live without their partner.

The Importance of Building Self-Esteem in Female Youth

In our society today, females are being judged differently than they have been in the past. Due to television and media, woman are greatly sexualized. This causes the youth of our female population to have more self-esteem issues. This is a problem because in order to be successful as an adult, you need to have confidence and self-worth. 

Get Rid of Your Depression!

Chronic depression feels like nothing can ever make it better. Study's now show that the combination of therapy and mindfulness can help treat depression.