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Why We All Need Mental Health Support

Many people are averse to getting mental health treatment, whether that’s therapy, attending a support group, or going to a psychiatrist. They are afraid that others might judge them or somehow think less of them. Many people are afraid of having a diagnosis or a label that says something is wrong with them. Others are afraid that a mental health provider might be able to see into them a little too deeply.  For this reason alone, many men and women will stay away from therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

However, there are so many benefits to mental health. Even if you’re not experiencing any symptoms of mental illness, having someone to listen to what you’re going through can be incredibly supportive. In therapy, for instance, you have someone who is there for you on a consistent basis. You have a professional in your life whose sole purpose is to support you emotionally and psychologically. This is an experience most people don’t have even if they are married or have full families.

Regardless of your circumstances, getting mental health support can provide assistance in many areas of your life.  Here are important reasons why we all need therapy:

1.      Everyone is facing a problem or challenge of some kind at any point in their life.

2.      Mental health is a necessary part of a person’s overall well being.

3.      Without mental health, we are more vulnerable to triggers, which in turn creates more stress in our lives.

4.      With mental health support, our relationships are healthier.

5.      Our communication skills improve as a result of therapy or other types of mental health support.

6.      We have the opportunity to be seen, heard, and understood.

7.      As more men and women get mental health support, there will be less of a stigma, which will in turn help others reach out for support.

There are different types of support that might be more suitable for your personality. For instance, if you would prefer to get to know others who are experiencing the same problem, you might look for a support group. However, if you like having the one on one attention, then perhaps individual therapy is your preference. Here are some types of mental health support to consider:

·         Individual therapy

·         Group therapy

·         Support groups

·         Family therapy

·         Psychological Evaluation

·         12-Step Meetings

·         Psychoeducation Classes (such as Anger Management or Parenting Classes)

·          Hospitalization

If you would like to explore getting mental health support for yourself or a friend, there are many ways to do that. You can call a local therapist, search for a support group online, or talk to your doctor. Physicians are often in touch with one or two therapists in the community whom they can refer their patients when needed.

As mentioned above, you don’t need to have a mental health problem to begin working with a therapist. However, if you are experiencing symptoms such as anxiety, suicidal thoughts, long periods of sadness, isolation, and/or inability to sleep, get in touch with a therapist or mental health provider today.


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