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Adult Children of Alcoholics

There  a quite a few adults who lived with an alcoholic while growing up. According to an article on Psychology Today, Ann Smith says, 18% of adults grew up with an alcoholic. As a child they may not realize that they are living with an alcoholic or how living with an alcoholic affects them. Most don't even realize the scars, until they get older. Therapy is effective in helping adult children of alcoholics. Below are some important elements of effective treatment and recovery. 

  1. Developing a support system
  2. Learning about the nature of addiction and powerlessness that plagues the addict
  3. Understanding the natural tendency to be an enabler when you love some one and the fear that keeps you locked in a pattern that may prolong the problem
  4. Examining the ways you adapted to a dysfunctional environment and how it is visible in your life today
  5. Giving yourself credit for the good things about your childhood

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