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Ways to Stomp on Your Inner Critic and Love Yourself

We have a little voice in our head that likes to challenge us. Usually that voice can discourage us more than encourages us. The little voice in our head seems to have a lot of power in what we do. That voice can be your worse critic. Here are some ways you can defeat your inner critic and learn to love yourself more. 

  1. See your inner critics real character 
  2. Flip negative thoughts to positive
  3. Record your awesomeness 
  4. Caricature your inner critic 
  5. Create a store of compliments 
  6. Learn to say 'no' 
  7. Give your inner critic an earful 
  8. Visually counter your inner critic's negative message
  9. Refuse to take your inner critic seriously 
  10. Listen to your friends
  11. Employ self-care
  12. Congratulate yourself
  13. Remember you are only human 
  14. Give yourself time
  15. Stop the self-hate 
  16. Think of others
  17. Decide you have a choice

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