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5 Fighting Words that Hurt Your Relationship

In all relationships you are bound to have some sort of argument. You are never going to agree with your partner 100 percent of the time. Some fights in relationships can be pretty similar. According to Andrea Brandt Ph.D., M.F.T, a contributor writer for Psychology Today, there are five fighting words that most people are guilty of using, and they can be hurting your relationship. 

  1. Nothing - When you say nothing it is obvious that something is wrong. It's better to just state whats wrong rather than say "nothing." 
  2. Whatever - This word is dismissive and minimizes your feelings and concerns. 
  3. Always and Never  - These words make what you're saying untrue. They tell your partner that they can'r ever do something right.
  4. You're just like your...father/mother/sister/etc - This is a popular phrase for a passive aggressive person to use to start a fight. 
  5. You're too sensitive/You take things too personally - These phrases imply that being sensitive is not okay. 

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