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8 Things You Shouldn't Say to People in Recovery

When someone is going through recovery, it can be an extremely hard journey. If your have a family or friend that is in recovery you most likely want to support them and have them be successful through it all. However, sometimes it's hard to be a support system because you may not know the right things to say. Sasha Bronner, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post has a list of 8 things not to say to someone in recovery. 

  1. DO NOT ASK: How long have you been sober? 
  2. DO NOT ASK: When can you stop going to meetings?
  3. DO NOT SAY: I know how you feel. 
  4. DO NOT ASK: Are you sure you're and alcoholic/addict?
  5. DO NOT SAY: I didn't think you had a problem or  I had no idea.
  6. DO NOT ASK: Can you just stop? or Can't you just have one?
  7. DO NOT ASK: So can you never get high or drink again?
  8. DO NOT SAY: Joe's in recovery too! 

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