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Your Phone Habits Could be Ruining Your Relationship


Most people in today's generation are guilty of being on our phones way too much. There is a new term, "Pphubbing," which is known as partner phone snubbing. This is when you are hanging out with someone and continually check your phone to see if their are any new notifications. This can make the other person feel as if what's on their phone is more important. 

Little do most people know that this could be ruining your relationships. There was a study, where 500 U.S. adults were surveyed. The survey found that 46% of people reported feeling phone snubbed by their partner and 23% felt that is was causing issues in their relationship. According to Lindsay Holmes, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post states, "The study highlighted how the attachment to various devices, however unintentional, affects major components of people's lives." Luckily there are ways to prevent your phone habits from ruining a relationship. Here are some tips to practice good smartphone hygiene:

  1. Make some time for screen-free activity
  2. Sign out of email after work
  3. Ditch the phone 30 minutes before bed
  4. Turn off push notifications

Click here to read the full article by Lindsay Holmes, on Huffington Post.