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mental health treatment

The Role of Genetics in Mental Health

Genetics play a key role in the field of mental health. Genetics sometimes is confused with heredity. While the two are intertwined, there is a difference.

The Effect That Bad Stigma Has on Mental Health Care

Many people struggle with mental illness, yet many of them never get treatment. An article on discusses the reasons as to why people do not get treatment for their mental illnesses. The article explains that there is a negative stigma towards people who suffer from mental illness which effects the motivation to seek treatment. In addition the article also states that "The prejudice and discrimination of mental illness is as disabling as the illness itself." This discrimination hinders people who suffer from mental illness to achieve their future goals.

Your Physical Health Plays a Role in Your Mental and Emotional Health

Keeping yourself physically fit can help keep you emotionally and psychologically fit as well. When you're staying on top of your physical health you might notice that you're mentally clear, more creative, more resilient when faced with stress, and even happier. Yet, when you're not eating well, leaving exercise for the end of the month (or not exercising at all), ignoring aches and pains, and avoiding going to the doctor when not feeling well, you might notice that your levels of stress and irritability are higher. 

Overcoming the Shame of Attempted Suicide

Depression can cause your brain to go off and think about yourself in ways that can make you feel as though your life is not worth living.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Mental Health Treatment

Depression, addiction, and PTSD all hinder your mental health. In order to really progress and heal from mental health, it is important to be proactive. Besides taking medication and going to talk therapy, it is also important to make sure to put yourself first. This does not mean you have to be selfish, it just means you should be aware of your needs, and make sure those needs are being met. It is also important to speak up if anything about your treatment is unclear to you.