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marriage therapy

Strengthen the Mental Health of Your Marriage

A marriage can suffer problems and be considered unhealthy. Strengthen the menta health of marriage by meeting with a certified therapist.

How to Approach a Loved One with Therapy

Psychotherapy is a form of treatment that addresses disorders and conflicts through cognitive, interpersonal, and other psychological approaches, instead of by medical means. 

Does Marriage Therapy Work?

There are many factors that go into knowing if marriage therapy works. Some of these include the depth of your marital problems and your ability to change.

Couples Therapy: 5 Effective principles

Many couples begin therapy late in their relationship. It is important to begin counceling early in a relationship, rather than later. Here are some tips.

8 Things Your Marriage Counselor is Thinking But Not Telling You

Marriage counseling is usually recommended before marriage, and is sometimes needed during the marriage as well. Some couples fear seeking marriage counseling because there is a stigma that if counseling is needed, then there is more of chance of the marriage ending. In some cases, this could be true, but marriage counseling is also known to save many marriages. Couples tend to pick up bad habits from bad role models. Nowadays, couples know very little about how to have a healthy relationship. For couple seeking marriage counseling, it is very important to take in the advice of the counselor and actually use it, other wise it may not work. Here are some things your marriage counselor is thinking but may not be telling you. 

6 Things Men May Speak About in Marriage Counseling

Marriage counselling has helped save a marriage in many cases. In most cases it is usually a women in the relationship to bring up the idea of attending marriage counselling. Most men would say they aren't the most fond of the idea. However there are men who attend marriage counselling, and have somethings to say during the counselling. Brittany Wong, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post, says there are 6 main things the men complain about in marriage counselling. 

Primary Reasons to Seek Couples Therapy

Many couples have problems. In fact, part of the growth in a relationship is the slow resolution of conflicts, which can help build intimacy and trust. However, there are many couples who continue to have trouble but who don’t seek help. In fact, those problems may exist for years without either partner suggesting that they see a therapist for support.

Some Tough Love Advice From Marriage Therapists

The main purpose of a marriage therapist is to have someone on the outside of the relationship listen to the problems a couple is having and try to help them. Some problems may be small, and other couples may have larger problems. Accorrding to Brittany Wong, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post, there are times when a marriage therapist has to give the couple some tough love. Here are the most blunt statements some marriage therapist have said to their clients. 

Five Things to Do Today to Save Your Relationship

There comes a time in every relationship where it may seem as if things aren't going in the right direction. One of you may start to feel distant from the other.  The feeling that your relationship may be declining is an awful feeling.  According to Lisa Firestone, a contributor writer for Psychology Today, there are 5 things you can do to save your relationship. 

8 Ways to Keep Any Relationship Out of Trouble

The various relationships that we all go through can tend to shape us into the person that we are. We learn from different mistakes that we've made in a relationship, and we also learn what we like and don't like in the people we want to be in romantic relationships with. Romantic relationships can be very exciting but also extremely terrifying at the same time. Linda Esposito, a contributor writer for Psychology Today has some tips to help keep a relationship out of trouble.