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Some Tough Love Advice From Marriage Therapists

 The main purpose of a marriage therapist is to have someone on the outside of the relationship listen to the problems a couple is having and try to help them. Some problems may be small, and other couples may have larger problems. Accorrding to Brittany Wong, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post, there are times when a marriage therapist has to give the couple some tough love. Here are the most blunt statements some marriage therapist have said to their clients.  

  1. "Pay up every time your temper flares up"
  2. "You have too many issues for couple's therapy" 
  3. "Lose an argument every once in a while" 
  4. "Stop talking to your affair partner--or watch your marriage fall apart" 
  5. "You might need to go your separate ways" 
  6. "Decide if your wife is the woman you want to be ambivalent about for the rest of your life" 
  7. "Admit it: You're having an affair"
  8. "You need to get a life outside the marriage" 
  9. "You can't keep punishing your spouse for cheating" 
  10. "You're wasting a lot of money in my office" 

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