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fighting in relationships

5 Fighting Words that Hurt Your Relationship

In all relationships you are bound to have some sort of argument. You are never going to agree with your partner 100 percent of the time. Some fights in relationships can be pretty similar. According to Andrea Brandt Ph.D., M.F.T, a contributor writer for Psychology Today, says there are five fighting words that most people are guilty of using, and they can be hurting your relationship. 

Remember Who You Love Even in the Worst Fights

In every relationship there is bound to be at least one really bad fight. These kinds of fights can expose our worst traits. Sometimes these fights can be worked out between the couple and other times if could ruin a relationship. When an argument comes about in a relationship, it is important to remember who you love. Karen L. Smith MSS, LCSW, a contributor writer for Psychology Today has some strategies for this.