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Remember Who You Love Even in the Worst Fights

In every relationship there is bound to be at least one really bad fight. These kinds of fights can expose our worst traits. Sometimes these fights can be worked out between the couple and other times if could ruin a relationship. When an argument comes about in a relationship, it is important to remember who you love. Karen L. Smith MSS, LCSW, a contributor writer for Psychology Today has some strategies for this. 

  1. Develop an Observing Ego 
  2. Remember you are talking to someone you love
  3. Take a breath, take a 10 minute break, take a round 2, or even 3
  4. Keep your rage in check 
  5. Let your partner go first
  6. Don't get lost in tangents; regroup when necessary 
  7. Say you are sorry as often as you can 
  8. If your goal is to "win" the fight, your relationship has already lost

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