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couples counseling before marriage

5 Reasons Relationships May Fail

Relationships are not easy. They take a lot of work from both people in the relationship. No one knows if a relationship will work out. There is no way to define the success the relationship may have. What people prioritize, within a relationship, depends on the persons values, and where they live. Here are 5 main reasons why relationships usually fail. 

Signs Your Significant Other is Entirely Wrong For You

In the early stages of a relationship, it usually seems like there is nothing wrong, or that nothing could go wrong. When  new relationship starts it is also easy to overlook the warning signs. Brittany Wong, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post, says the following are signs that your significant other is wrong for you. 

7 Problems Every Couple Faces According to Therapist's

When a relationship first starts, there are usually very few problems. However as time goes on and you learn more about a person, what you like and don't like, this is when problems can arise. Over time you become more comfortable with one another, and you are more comfortable approaching each other about certain issue. According to therapists, these are the top problems every couple faces at some point in the relationship:

7 Steps to Breaking Free of a Controlling Partner

Knowing if you have a controlling partner can be difficult to know when you are the one in the relationship. The people who usually notice first are friends and family. Hearing that your partner is controlling may not be the easiest thing to digest. Being in a relationship with someone who is controlling can be dangerous. If you begin to realize that your partner is controlling here are some steps to take to break free of a controlling partner. 

Listening Mistakes That Can Damage Your Relationship

Communication is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. If a couple doesn't have good communication, they relationship may not work out. Most couple therapists would say that communication issues are one the top things they see in their office. Amy Morin, a contributor writer for Psychology Today, has a list of of listening mistakes that could ruin a relationship. 

10 Ways to Know If Your Relationship Is/Was Good For You

Every relationship your are in you learn more about yourself and what you truly want in a relationship. You learn what to look for, what are immediate red flags, and how you think you deserve to be treated. Some relationships don't work out, but you may still be thankful you were in that relationship. Some don't work out and you wish had never gotten involved. It's important to know what a healthy relationship is. Susan J Elliot JD, M.Ed., a contributor writer for Psychology Today says there are 10 ways to know if your relationship is/ was good for you:

8 Things Your Marriage Counselor is Thinking But Not Telling You

Marriage counseling is usually recommended before marriage, and is sometimes needed during the marriage as well. Some couples fear seeking marriage counseling because there is a stigma that if counseling is needed, then there is more of chance of the marriage ending. In some cases, this could be true, but marriage counseling is also known to save many marriages. Couples tend to pick up bad habits from bad role models. Nowadays, couples know very little about how to have a healthy relationship. For couple seeking marriage counseling, it is very important to take in the advice of the counselor and actually use it, other wise it may not work. Here are some things your marriage counselor is thinking but may not be telling you. 

13 Signs You're in a Healthy Long-Term Relationship

Every relationship is completely different. Some people are able to put up with certain qualities, while for others it may be a complete turn off. However, there are some common signs most people see in a relationship, that show your in healthy long-term relationship. Aly Kholifi, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post has a list of 13 signs you're in a healthy long term relationship. 

The 7 Laws of Lasting Love

Being in love with someone can be an amazing feeling, but it can also be stressful at times too. Both people in the relationship need to be on the same page. Those who have been in relationships for years may have the laws of lasting love figured out. Aldo Civico Ph.D., a contributor writer for Psychology Today, says there are 7 laws of lasting love. These laws can help your relationship and can help love last. 

8 Expectations It's Good to Have in Relationships

Anyone can tell you that relationships are from easy. There needs to be effort from both people. We all think we know exactly what we expect to have in a relationship, but if someone told you to make a list you may have hard time coming up with everything you expect to have in a relationship. Tina Gilbertson LPC, a contributor writer for Psychology Today, says there are 8 expectations that are good to have when it comes to relationships.