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chris massman

Helping Children Manage Their Emotions

Children experience many different emotions that can be difficult to manage. According to Dr. Rick Nauert's article on, studies have shown that mindfulness helps children manage their emotions.

Adolescent Therapy: The Benefits It Provides

Children are very impressionable. Every experience is absorbed and used to create their identity. Therefore if a child goes through any sort of trauma or hardship, if not cared for properly, it can effect their future development. 

Mental Health: Experiencing Joy Makes All the Difference

When you are used to experiencing hardship, headaches, and hurt in your life, it's hard to know what joy and happiness feels like. If you're used to having addiction, drug use, and domestic violence around you, it's hard to know what feeling good means. In fact, sometimes, you have to teach yourself joy. It's like you need to expand your window of feelings and learn to experience the more positive side of emotions. 

Inspirational Quote: New Day

Life is an adventure, each day bringing new memories and experiences. The strength and knowledge that those experiences provide are endless. That is why you should take each day as it comes, and enjoy the mystery of what the new day will bring.