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abusive relationship

Effects of an Abusive Relationship on Mental Health

Abuse comes in various forms. Different types of abuse may be physical, sexual, emotional, financial, or verbal in nature. Physical abuse involves hitting, punching, kicking, pushing, choking, throwing objects, or using objects against another person. Sexual abuse is when one person forces sexual acts in any form onto another person.

7 Steps to Breaking Free of a Controlling Partner

Knowing if you have a controlling partner can be difficult to know when you are the one in the relationship. The people who usually notice first are friends and family. Hearing that your partner is controlling may not be the easiest thing to digest. Being in a relationship with someone who is controlling can be dangerous. If you begin to realize that your partner is controlling here are some steps to take to break free of a controlling partner. 

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Verbal Aggression

Verbal aggression is just as damaging as physical aggression. A lot of times, verbal abuse gets over looked because some people feel that it is not as damaging as physical abuse. More people are starting to realize the both types of abuse are just as damaging to a persons mental health. Peg Streep, a contributor writer for Psychology Today, says there are 5 things that everyone should know about verbal aggression:

Five Reasons People Abuse Their Partners

Domestic violence is not a problem in every relationship but it does happen. Whether your the one being abused or you are a loved one of someone who is being abused, it is hard to understand why the abuser would do such a thing. Abusive relationships are extremely dangerous and it is important to figure out a safe way to leave the relationship. Here are five reasons why someone may act in an abusive manor. 

Woman's Powerful Video Shows the Devastating Reality of Domestic Violence

Earlier this week, Emma Murphy from Dublin, Ireland released a video revealing that she has been a victim of domestic violence. In the video you can clearly see that she has a black eye. Domestic violence is a huge problem, not only in the United States but all around the world. When women or men are victims of domestic violence they are usually afraid to speak up, in fear that the one who harmed them will hurt them again. In the video, Murphy says, "You need to find the courage and get away from anything that's as unhealthy as violence." 

20 Signs Your Partner is Controlling

When people are so invested and immersed in their relationships it's can be hard for people to notice if they are in a toxic relationship. Sometimes it can take someone outside of the relationship to see if your partner is controlling. These kinds of relationships can easily sneak up on anyone. Andrea Bonior, a contributor writer for Psychology Today has a list of 20 signs that show if your partner is controlling.

4 Signs You are in an Abusive Relationship

Surprisingly, when people are in an abusive relationship they may not even know it. Most of the time people are obliviously to the fact their relationship is not a healthy one. When people are in love, they can fail to see the flaws in a relationship. Mihaela Bernard, a contributor writer for Psych Central says that there are four main signs that show you are in an abusive relationship.