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Relationship Counseling Benefits Many Different Types of Relationships

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A relationship can be defined as the connection between two or more people. It is how these people behave towards one another, how they feel about one another and how they think about one another.

Relationships are not limited to those connected by romance; a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist is trained to counsel all types of relationships. There are many factors affecting the success in a relationship.

Relationships can be formed in the workplace, in social settings among peers or within families. Relationships may also be formed within communities, either between families or between neighborhoods. Individuals may also pursue relationships in clubs and various associations.

Continue reading to learn how counseling can benefit these different types of relationships.

Professional Relationships

There are many reasons to provide counseling in a workplace setting. When co-workers die, for instance, grief counseling can be a great service. The sudden absence of an employee, especially a long-term employee, can be traumatic to colleagues.

According to American Institute of Stress, a recent study showed that 14% of respondents said they felt like striking a co-worker in the workplace and at least 9% feared the behavior of a co-worker.

When co-workers disagree, it can be disruptive to everyone in the office. Learning conflict resolution and communication skills can be incredibly valuable to staff and the work environment.

Other workplace issues to address in counseling involve workplace dating, job satisfaction, motivation and productivity.

Intimate Relationships

According to the American Psychological Association, fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Many of these divorces could be avoided if the couples had considered marriage counseling. Often, teachable skills such as communication can be learned. Communication, or the lack of communication, is a common reason couples break up.

Some of the top reasons relationships fail are due to anger or temper problems, infidelity and not making the relationship a priority. These issuescan be dealt with in counseling, hopefully avoiding a breakup.

There are many techniques a person can learn to manage their anger. With practice, they can appropriately have an argument with their spouse or partner without screaming or becoming violent. 

Infidelity is a very hard issue and for many, it is a deal breaker. However, it does not always have to be. Rebuilding trust after a betrayal is possible with the help of a trained therapist. This is also true for learning how to make the relationship a priority.

Implementing specific steps over time can make both spouses feel important.

Family Relationships

It is rare to find a fully functional family relationship due to the complexity and diversity of the American family today. There are single parent families, adoptions, step families, re-marriages, and children being raised by people other than their parents. No matter what the socio-economic level, there are bound to be problems within the family.

Behaviors of one family member can affect the entire family, from a bad attitude all the way up to major negative behaviors like addiction.

Family counseling with a licensed marriage and family therapist can help you learn the dynamics of a family relationship. It can help you establish your role in the family and assist each member in improving relationship skills such as communication, respect and boundaries.


Social or Peer Group Relationships

Peer group relationships can have a myriad of problems, especially when teens are involved. Peer pressure, bullying, dating violence and self-esteem are areas that affect a teen’s mental health and can change the course of their lives if not dealt with properly.

Adult peer groups are not immune from problems. Too often, friends argue and terminate the friendship, staying angry for months or even years, this could be avoided with relationship counseling.

Counseling can help both teens and adults learn to resolve problems in a mature, respectful manner, saving relationships that are deemed meaningful.

Community Relationships

Neighborhoods experience crises together. They go through natural disasters and unexpected tragedies, even if they don’t have a personal relationship with one another. Neighborhoods, communities and towns can also experience the crisis of addiction.

Receiving counseling to help overcome these crises, as a group, is often needed.

With the recent hurricane damage of Harvey and Irma, communities have been destroyed. If even two families can learn to survive this disaster together, they will become stronger.

Communities can learn to grieve, showing support for one another in times of need. Community groups can include everyone from residents of a neighborhood to clubs and associations established within a certain area.

Community counseling can teach groups to recognize needs of those around them, be proactive in preparing for community issues and reactive in times of need. Building relationships within a community makes everyone stronger.

Ending Relationships

Just like keeping a relationship together is important, so is ending a relationship the right way. Relationships need closure. There are steps people can take to end a relationship so that everyone involved feels good about the break up.

Relationships end for many reasons. Some professionals retire, some move away and others find a new person to share in their lives. Community relationships may be forced to end when a tornado or hurricane devours homes and land.

Family relationships may end because of divorce or death. Peer groups end due to arguments or relocation, while more intimate relationships may end due to affairs or abuse. No matter what the reason, relationship counseling can help.

A relationship counselor can guide couples, professionals, families, peer groups and even communities through manyissues.

Getting started with relationship counseling is simple. The first step is to contact a licensed marriage and family therapist. They will be able to guide you in setting up your first appointment with your significant other or group.

Without relationships, the world would be a lonely place. We need relationships. We need the benefits of a relationship. Social connections can improve our health and mental health.

Learning to form healthy relationships in all areas of your life is the key to positive living.