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Would you rather be right or loved?

LICENSED Marriage and Family Therapist - LICENSED Couples Counseling

Licensed individual counseling - Addiction Therapist

Agoura Hills, CA

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Chris Massman, MA, LMFT #92758, CDS

Many of us struggle with relationships whether with a family member, co-worker, spouse, partner, or other loved ones. I would like to assist you in finding a way to communicate your needs; where you feel like a priority in your life and relationships. Sometimes, this could mean compromising or learning to express your needs more clearly. We all have the need to be loved, feel safe and adored. Let me assist you in getting your needs met one step at a time. I look forward to speaking with you and devising your plan.



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Are you affected by problem gambling? Are you a loved one affected by a problem gamblers gambling? Please contact me and find out how I can assist you. Whether you are the individual struggling with gambling or the loved ones of the gambler, contact me to find out how I can help. I look forward to speaking with you and supporting you during this difficult time in your lives.

Take the Brief Biosocial Gambling Screen (BBGS), that can be used to screen for a gambling disorder.