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How to Be Happy with Yourself

If you struggle with self-criticism or loud internal dialog, you may find yourself unhappy at times.

In this article, we are taking a closer look at what you can do about this so you know how to be happy with yourself.

How to Be Happy with Yourself

The World Happiness Report, developed by the Gallop World Poll, researched countries to find which ones are the happiest. The top four countries include Finland, in first place, followed by Denmark, Switzerland and Norway.

The things valued most by these countries are income, health, social support, freedom and generosity, contributing to their happiness. These same values are what can make you happy as well.

Within each person is a desire to be happy within himself or herself.  No one seeks to be unhappy. Instead, people go to great lengths to achieve internal happiness. They take classes, read books and seek counseling.

What is it about happiness that makes it so desirable?

Benefits of Being Happy with Yourself

Scientific research shows that being happy with yourself improves both your mental and physical health. Happiness and laughter reduces stress and pain, strengthens your immune system, and can even lead to living a longer life.

Another benefit of being happy with yourself is that other happy people will be attracted to you. Surrounding yourself with positive friends and family leads to social connections that improve all areas of your life.

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At work, people who are happy tend to be more productive. You can make better decisions when you are happy because your thoughts are not clouded with negativity.

If you are in a relationship, research shows that when you are happy, your relationship has a much higher likelihood of succeeding.

Becoming happy with yourself is a talent you can learn. You do not have to be born a naturally happy person to become satisfied internally. Below are instructions on how you can start becoming happy with yourself today.

 Money Buys Things, Not Happiness

Like the countries listed above, having a higher income gives you a sense of security and a better lifestyle. It can get you more things that are fun and exciting. You can go on more trips, buy more toys, and give more to charities. These are activities that can bring you happiness.

Too often people associate their income with their self-worth. This is a big mistake, however, as are worth much more than that.

Income is nice, but it does not buy happiness all by itself. Happiness is an internal process and when achieved, your thoughts and feelings about income will change for the better.

The Whole YOU is the Key to Happiness

Your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health must be a top priority to be happy with yourself. Having self-compassion can lead to happiness. This means putting your needs first so you can be there for everyone and everything else.

Assess your physical needs. If a part of your body has been hurting for a while and you have put off seeing a doctor, make an appointment today to get it checked out. If you have been feeling anxious or sad for no reason, make an appointment with a mental health therapist today.

If you are feeling spiritually lost, reach out to someone who can guide you. Working with professionals is a smart, positive action you can take that will lead to more happiness.

The Right People Lead to Happiness

Think about all the times you have been there for your friends, family and even strangers. You may have watched children of friends when they had an emergency. Or maybe you have given rides to people who needed to go to the doctor.

You may have loaned someone money, worked overtime for your boss, cooked a meal for a neighbor, or simply listened to someone cry and vent on the phone when you had work to do.

Now it is time to let others give back to you. Accept the offers from people who care about you. It makes them feel good to help you.

Receiving help does not mean you are weak, or incapable. It means you are aware that you cannot do it all alone. Asking and receiving help from others is a sign of strength and letting go of trying to do it all can lead to greater happiness with yourself.

Find Freedom, Find Happiness

Freedom, when finding happiness within yourself, means making decisions based on your needs. It means thinking about you before you say “yes” to a request from work, friends or family.

You are like many; you receive multiple requests for help throughout your day. Whether they are small requests or large ones, your first instinct is to agree to it. That is because you are a good-hearted person. You want to help others.

Trying to help everyone and participate in every activity will lead to increased stress, which can lead to a myriad of other problems.

You are given the freedom to choose to help based on what is best for your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. Learn to use this freedom.

Give Back to Get Happy

You were just instructed to stop giving so much of yourself to others and now you are being told to give back to others. This can be clarified.

Once you begin putting yourself first and conquer the ability to say “no” to requests that are not a good fit for you, then you can begin to think clearly about the projects in which will make you feel happy.

Giving back to get happy means you choose the ways to help others. You do not let the projects choose you. What images appear in your mind when you envision yourself being kind and helping others?

Giving back should not bring on more stress or tension. It should be a way to relieve negative emotions. Giving back should lead to an internal feeling of reward, pride, gratification and yes, happiness.

In conclusion, your journey to being happy within yourself can begin right now. Start thinking about how you can improve your mental health and seek treatment for help. Think about your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and work towards improving areas in need of support.

You deserve to enjoy all the benefits of being happy within yourself!