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How to Be a More Positive Person (11 Uplifting Reminders)

A recent study by Stanford using brain scans resulted in evidence that positive thinking makes your brain work better. Meaning, positive thinking can help you get through positive and challenging times. It can make you psychologically resilient.

Becoming a positive person is a gradual process that involves you making internal changes and practicing positive thoughts, feelings and actions. Some examples of this are listed below.

1. You Can Find the Good

When you are faced with a negative event or obstacle, you are also faced with two choices. You can choose to allow your negative thoughts to take over, which can lead to negative feelings and actions. Or, you can try to find the positive in the situation.

There is almost always something good to be found in every situation, good or bad.

2. You Deserve Positive Influences

The people in your circle can affect your attitude. Whether co-workers, supervisors, friends, or family, if they are negative, you may tend to be also.

The more negative people you hang around, the higher the chance your attitude will be influenced by their negativity.

3. Your Influence Counts Too

Just as others can influence your thoughts, feelings and actions, so can you. The way you interact with others, even strangers, can make a difference. If you interact negatively by saying unkind words or treating them poorly, you have influenced them in a negative way.

If you take a moment to compliment someone, to help them in some way, to smile at them, then you are influencing others in a positive way. Simple positive actions can improve your whole day. It can improve your day as well.

4. It is Okay to Let Go

Making positive changes in your life can mean you must let go of negative people or things in your life. If the people you hang around are always negative, it is time you find new friends. If your job makes you feel miserable, find a new job. If you are living in a negative environment, find a way out.

Letting go of negative things can be hard if they have become habits. The reward will be better once you realize letting go of them is necessary for your happiness, you deserve to be happy.

5. Your Needs Are Important

You must learn to make yourself a priority if you want to be a positive person. If you are not taking care of your mental, physical health, emotional and spiritual health it will be nearly impossible to remain positive.

Attend to the needs of your body and mind. Participate in activities that make you feel better emotionally. Give your body what it needs. When you make yourself a priority, and begin focusing on improving your whole self, you will then be a better influence on others.

6. You Are Not the Criticisms Your Hear

Every day you may hear criticisms from your boss, your friends, or family.  Those are words from people who are acting negatively. They are not experts on your character. They are not experts at all. They are just people with an opinion.

You do not have to accept the negative words people say to you. You can choose to recognize their words are meant to hurt you, not help you. Let their negativity teach you how to avoid hurting others with your words.

7. Begin Your Day with Positivity

When you wake up each day, make sure the first few activities and thoughts you have are positive. Start your day by reading positive quotes. Spend time in meditation or prayer where you can focus on positivity.

Think of the positive actions you take in the morning as armor against the negativity you may encounter throughout your day.

8. You Are Worthy

Too often, people think they do not offer value to the world. You may think your family would be okay without you. You may think your work would be okay if you quit. However, these are negative thoughts that are holding you back from your true potential.

Take note of the many ways you add value to the lives of others each day. Do you cook for others? Help your co-workers? Take care of family members? Write these down so you can look at them as a reminder.

9. Send Yourself Positive Messages

We tend to forget our importance during our day because we are so busy. We rush to keep up with responsibilities without finding time to think positive thoughts about ourselves. With access to technology today, we can find other ways to remind ourselves just how great we are.

Use your cellphone, set up positive message reminders to be sent to you several times throughout the day. Post a positive message on your homepage so you must see it every time you log on.

10. Your Gratitude Can Move Mountains

The more you take time to recognize the positive things you have in your life, the more positive you will become. Start a gratitude journal in which you write each day. Jot down everything you are grateful for, from small to large.

Be thankful for everything from getting a new pair of shoes, food in your pantry, promotions and family.

11. Do Not Give Up

Just like with every other change you make in your life, you will have ups and downs, wins and losses. The key to becoming a more positive person is to never give up. Do not stop trying new techniques and ideas to help you become more positive.

You may want to work with a therapist. They can help you work through negative issues you have so you can clear your mind for more positive thoughts.

In conclusion, there are many things you can do to become a more positive person. Start implementing some of these suggestions today. It will not take long before you start noticing a difference. Your family, friends and co-workers will start to notice too.