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4 Tips for Discussing the Future of Your Relationship

After some time being in a relationship with someone there comes a time when there needs to be a conversation about what you both see happening in the future. You both should know what each of your expectations are for the future. According to Kira Asatryan, a contributor writer for Psychology Today, she has 4 tips for discussing the future of your relationship. 

  1. Ask open-ended questions 
  2. Put a weight on it 
  3. Find the overlap
  4. Shift to dreams 

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Chris Massman is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Agoura Hills, CA. She graduated Phillips Graduate Institute with a Master of Arts in Psychology in 2014 and received her Chemical Dependency Specialty in 2014. Today, she practices Congnitive-behavioral therapy to help individuals, couples, and families identify and overcome a variety of unique challenges.