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10 Tools for Creating Satisfaction in Your Relationship

One important feeling you should have with in a relationship is satisfaction. If you are not feeling satisfied in your relationship there are a few things you can do to create it. Barton Goldsmith Ph.D., a contributor writer for Psychology Today has 10 tips to help create satisfaction. 

  1. Recognize each other for your commitment and caring 
  2. Share in creating a positive and emotionally comfortable living environment 
  3. Make your relationship meaningful
  4. Be responsible for your actions
  5. Balance the work and the rewards
  6. Help each other grow and learn 
  7. Give your partner the opportunity to be their best
  8. Be accountable for your commitments
  9. Understanding your partners motivation and stresses 
  10. Keep it interesting 

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Chris Massman is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Agoura Hills, CA. She graduated Phillips Graduate Institute with a Master of Arts in Psychology in 2014 and received her Chemical Dependency Specialty in 2014. Today, she practices Congnitive-behavioral therapy to help individuals, couples, and families identify and overcome a variety of unique challenges.