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12 Tips for a Stronger, More Satisfying Relationship

Having a strong relationship doesn't come easy. There is a lot of hard work that goes into making a relationship a healthy and strong one. Dr. Jeffery Bernstein, a contributor writer for Psychology Today has a list of 12 tips that can be helpful in making a relationship a strong one. These tips can help increase the quality and closeness of your relationship.

  1. Listen, really listen

  2. Keep the big picture mentality

  3. Put your partner's needs above your own

  4. Catch your partner doing things you appreciate

  5. Use "I" statements

  6. Aim to resolve disagreements quickly

  7. Don't bring up the past when dealing with the present

  8. Don't nag. Stand in the mirror and nag at yourself

  9. Be Spontaneous

  10. Don't trash your partner to others

  11. Don't insult or belittle your partners work, relatives, or interests

  12. No Whining

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