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Family Involvement in Substance Abuse Treatment

For individuals who are struggling with substance abuse, the treatment process can be difficult. Substance abuse treatment is a long process, and individuals need the support of family and friends to help them through the journey. Before the individual agrees to enter into treatment, an intervention is sometimes needed. There are different approaches to interventions and it is dependent on the family and willingness of the struggling addict of which intervention is most appropriate. There are two different treatment programs. There is an outpatient program and an inpatient program. With the inpatient program, family involvement is minimal and allows the family to notice the negative behaviors that were in the home before. Often, many treatment centers provide family education while their loved ones are in treatment.  This approach allows the whole family to be in treatment and educated on the disease of alcoholism and or drug addiction.  Due to addiction being a life long issue, treatment for the abuse never truly ends. After the treatment program is over it is important for families to still be supportive of the addicted individual and make sure they are given all the support they need throughout the journey. 

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