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Why Universities Must Improve Student Mental Health Care

While attending college many students go through a lot of different changes. These changes along with the pressure of classes and studying, can bring on a lot of stress in a student's life. Especially for freshmen, moving away from home into a dorm and meeting new classmates anxiety can be apart of that. Mental health has always been something a lot of people tend to avoid talking about. According to Jeffery Lieberman M.D., a contributor writer for Psychology Today, says, "The college years and experience closely coincide with the onset of many mental disorders in young people." Because of this, it is extremely important for universities to improve student mental health care. 

Mental illness is known to derail people from their education and lives when it is not managed correctly. Universities haven't been able to accept the responsibility of providing the right kind of mental health care. Before taking part in the mental health care that is provided, it is important for both the student, and the parents to do their research on the care. 

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