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Get Sober for Someone You Love

If you can’t get sober for yourself, you can always get sober for a loved one. Sometimes it’s hard for people to do something for themselves. But thinking about others can make getting sober worth its challenges. For instance, if you’re in early recovery and you’re already facing difficulties, without a commitment or purpose, it can be easy to turn back to your old life. Without having meaningful reasons behind sobriety, you might so easily say it’s not worth it and return to drinking or drugging.

So, if you’re at the start of your recovery, or even if you’re not, having a purpose or a reason to stay sober can make all the difference in the world. You might decide to get sober for your:

·         Children

·         Spouse

·         Sponsor

·         Co-workers

·         Boss

·         Community

·         12-step meeting and all those who attend

·         Fellow human beings who have died because of alcoholism or drug overdose

·         Mentor

·         Favorite actor or actress who died because of drugs or alcohol

·         Friends

Research shows that when a person has a purpose behind a large endeavor, that purpose can make overcoming the challenges easier. Having a sense of meaningless in life, as well as in one’s recovery, can cause anxiety, depression, and even phobias. Those who have purpose and meaning tend to find more passion and energy for achieving what they want. In fact, people who have a life purpose have succeeded in a fulfilling career, made a contribution to their community, raised a family, developed artistic talent, completed an educational goal, helped others with their own goals, and have overcome addiction. It’s common for those who have an underlying purpose for their work to tend to move beyond personal needs and concerns. Instead, they find the satisfaction and enjoyment of working hard for the betterment of others.

Of course, if you find meaning in getting sober for someone else, you will also enjoy the benefits of sobriety yourself. You might be a better parent, a more productive employee, a more creative artist, a more loving spouse, or a better person in general. You might enjoy your friendships and family relationships, your healthy body, and your life, whereas before, you might have experienced many conflicts with others, frequent colds, and an underlying dissatisfaction with the way your life is going. Although you might decide to get sober for someone else, in time, you might realize the great benefits of getting sober. Perhaps after awhile, you might actually start getting sober for yourself.

If you’re still struggling with an addiction, and you know that you won’t get treatment for yourself, decide whom you might get sober for. Decide whether it’s worth saving your marriage, your career, or your relationship with your children. If you can find a glimmer of hope by getting sober for someone else, then call a mental health provider today. He or she can guide to the right treatment center, therapist, and/or community resources to facilitate your sobriety. 


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