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The Challenges of Anxiety and How To Overcome It

There are many men, women, and teens who struggle with anxiety. For many people work, family and financial responsibilities need to be addressed. There are many sources of stress for most people living in today’s society. Our society might explain why anxiety is becoming one of the most common mental illnesses.

So, how does one slow down and relax while still living in a society that demands so much? How does a person find peace amidst a stressful environment?

Anxiety is an experience that is rooted in fear. When a person becomes anxious, he or she might sweat, feel their hands tremble, experience their heart beat more quickly, and/or feel a sense of tension in their body. The symptoms of anxiety can get in the way of a person being able to function normally in life. However, anxiety isn’t debilitating for all people. Many people can manage their anxiety and can avoid it from getting in the way of their daily life. However, there are many who experience anxiety and who need assistance with it. They might need medication and therapy. If a person has anxious symptoms that get in the way of life, he or she may be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. These are:

·         Generalized Anxiety Disorder

·         Social Phobia

·         Other types of Phobias, such as fear of small spaces – claustrophobia

·         Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

·         Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

There are many methods a person can use to overcome their anxiety and not let it get in the way of what they would like to achieve. As mentioned, a person can take anti-anxiety medication, work with a therapist, and/or learn relaxation techniques, all of which can help a person slow down. Having a slower pace and knowing how to relax in general can help a person stay calm when faced with a stressful situation.

The following are techniques a person might consider in order to slow down and relax.

1.      Breathe deeply. Anxiety doesn’t always come when we have the time to make ourselves tea and rest. Instead, it can come while we are at work or in the middle of driving on the freeway. In these moments, we can take a deep breath and allow the relaxation to soothe the racing thoughts.

2.      Call a friend. When you’re feeling tense, you might just need to tell someone about it. You might need to tell a friend how you’re feeling. Simply talking about it can bring a sense of ease. However, staying connected with friends in general might also be a source of comfort. Often, feeling alone or feeling as though you’re facing a problem alone can create more anxiety. Having others around you who know what you’re going through can create a general sense of comfort and relaxation.

3.      Practice relaxation techniques. Just like the deep breathing can make you feel better in the moment, a regular practice of relaxation, such as yoga or meditation, can help you relax over time.

These are suggestions to help relax if you’re experiencing too much anxiety. In fact, anxiety can prompt some people to turn to alcohol or drugs. Instead of using substances, use the above suggestions. You might also want to call a mental health provider for assistance.


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