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How Art Contributes to Your Mental Health

Art is not only known to help with various mental health conditions, but according to Michael Friedman's article on, art also helps with the psychological well being of people who don't have a mental disorder. Michael continues to explain the 5 elements that contribute to our psychological well being. The 5 elements are positive emotion, engagement, meaning, positive relationships, and accomplishments. Art not only contributes to these 5 elements, but it also helps you get in touch with your emotions, which can be difficult for many people to do on their own. 

How Creative Expression Can Benefit Your Mental Health

There are many different forms of creative expression. While each form is different, they all have one main thing in common, they help relieve stress. Deane Alban's article on explains how when you create art, it provides a distraction which gives your brain a break from your various thoughts. In addition the article also discusses how art trains your brain to concentrate on details.

How Art Can Benefit Your Emotional and Physical Health

There are various types of art, each providing different benefits. An article on discusses how different art forms can help with different health issues. For example the article talks about how listening to music can help a patient who is recovering from a stroke. It can help with both their memory as well as helping them to focus their attention. Additionally, the article also states that listening to music can also help to reduce post stroke depression and confusion.  

Benefits of Art Therapy

Art therapy can be beneficial to everyone. Art can help express emotions that you might not know you were feeling. It helps you discover what is under the surface. Art therapy can greatly benefit children, because sometimes they do not know how to express their emotions through words.