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Grief or Loss

How Grief Support Groups Can Help You

When a loved one dies, your world can be turned upside down. Even when the loss is expected, it can still be painful. Trying to go through grief alone can often be hindering to the process of healing. Grief support groups were created to help others get through the pain of losing someone dear. There are many positives to attending a grief counseling support group.

How to Cope With Grief or Loss

Everyone deals with grief differently. There is no right way to deal with the pain of grieving. Sometimes the grieving process might feel like its never ending and  you might feel as if you are the only one who has ever felt this way. It can be nice to know that you are not alone! According to an article on, there are some symptoms that are common in the grieving process. Some of those symptoms are disbelief, guilt, sadness, anger, fear, fatigue, and nausea.