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Why is Communication Important in a Relationship?

Communication is one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship. You have likely heard this before, so today we are taking a closer look.

Why is communication important in a relationship?

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Why is Communication Important in a Relationship?

Communication nurtures the clarity and honesty needed to develop trust between two people in a relationship.

It is not uncommon for couples to experience communication challenges, which is why many explore the benefits of couples therapy with a licensed marriage & family therapist.

In fact, couples who visit a professional for guidance often reveal a major improvement in their communication with each other.

If you are not quite ready for couples therapy, you may be interested in learning how to communicate better in a relationship.

This is a good first step toward a happier, healthier relationship.

So, why is communication important in a relationship?

Today, we are taking a closer look.

Communication Enhances Companionship

Your partner is many things to you, including a companion, which gives your relationship deeper meaning. Having a companion means you have truly connected with another person. You are familiar with them, and they make you feel as if you belong.

A companion is a friend who enjoys going places with you, having deep discussions with you, and participating in activities that make you laugh. You make great memories with your companion.

Without good communication, however, these times will be limited. It is through communicating that you can share interests, concerns, desires and dislikes. These are the bases for the activities you do, or do not do together.

Because you want as many positive memories as possible, communicating your dislikes may be even more important than discussing what you like and wish for. This can be true for intimacy between you as well.

Communication Improves Intimacy

Intimacy is important because it makes you feel loved and valued. Intimacy can come in many different forms, from physical, sexual, and even emotional connections. Intimacy enhances the warmth and trust that exists between a couple.

The most common types of intimacy include intellectual intimacy, which means you are connected to someone through sharing your thoughts and things you care about the most. These can be thoughts on how you feel about political issues to your favorite songs or sports.

There is also emotional intimacy, being able to express more personal thoughts and feelings. What causes you emotional pain, secrets from your past that have shaped your mental health and being able to cry in front of or with your partner are examples of emotional intimacy.

Physical intimacy can range from a simple affectionate touch to sexual intercourse. To be a positive part of communication, it is done in a positive and loving manner.

Experiential intimacy means you and your partner participate in activities together, like hiking or joining a book club. Finally, spiritual intimacy means you both believe in a greater purpose for your lives together. It makes you feel like a team, on the same path, bringing you closer than ever before.

All these types of intimacy can help in communication about important decisions.

Communication Helps with Decision Making

Your relationship will face decision making opportunities daily. Some decisions will need more thought than others. However, both require effective communication between you and your partner.

To improve communication while making decisions, it is important you and your partner remain open to each other’s ideas and truly listen to how the other feels about the decision. Come to a true final decision where each of you have agreed upon, not just one of you.

Use your spirituality to guide you in your decisions, as well as seeking counsel if needed. Most importantly, always make each other feel valued.

Communication Gives Each of You Value

Communicating with your partner helps both of you feel important to the relationship. It makes you feel like you are equal, that no one is more valued than the other. Once you begin to feel valued, you become more motivated to make the relationship work.

You become invested in seeing your relationship succeed. Therefore; your relationship becomes a priority. This will lead to a happier and more secure couple, who knows how to work together to overcome obstacles and celebrate the successes.

The more valued someone feels, the more trust you can share.

Communication Improves Trust

You may not feel as if it is necessary to tell your partner everything about your day.  Maybe you do not have to tell them about every single moment. However, the more you share, the more they will feel trust in your relationship.  The more trust there is in a relationship, the more connected the couple feels together. 

If your partner must wonder what you are doing, they are likely to imagine negative scenarios. Even if you are not doing anything, they would consider negative, their thoughts may automatically sway in that direction.

To avoid suspicions and accusations from your spouse, communicate with them. The talks you share will build trust. It will let your partner know you care enough about them that you want to make them feel comfortable. You do not want to give them any reason to doubt your commitment to the relationship.


In conclusion, for your relationship to thrive, you must learn to communicate. The good news is that you can start today implementing the ideas listed above. You can make time to share your thoughts and feelings with your partner. You can do something nice to help build trust and enhance intimacy.

Make them feel valued and loved, as a companion and long-term partner.

Taking small communication improving steps today can lead to big results in your relationship. These results can lead to a healthy, long-lasting relationship, something you both deserve.

Communication is not just verbal. We communicate with one another through our verbal language and body language.  Also to note neglect is another form of negative communication.

When any form of communication is ineffective, your relationship can suffer. This is because every person sends and receives messages differently, making it hard for two people to perceive the same message in the same way.

It is important for you and your partner to discuss your communication styles, create a communication plan that will work for your relationship, and implement that plan immediately. Do not wait until your next big argument to remember your plan. Instead, be proactive and work on your communication skills even when you don’t think you need to.

Practice your listening skills, expressing yourself, understanding body language, conflict resolution and recognizing the differences and similarities you share with your partner.

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