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10 Stats That Prove Mental Illness Affects Everyone

When most people think of mental illness there is a stigma that comes with the term. Most people have negative "thoughts" about it. There are so many stereotypes out there about people who suffer from a mental illness. Lindsay Holmes, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post, has put together a few stats that prove that mental illness is not just a personal issue but it is an issue for everyone. 

8 Self-Care Tips for Parents of Children with Mental Illness

Being a parent is no easy task, but being a parent of a child who has a mental illness can be even more difficult. Taking care a child with a mental illness can be a lot of work and extremely stressful. When taking care of a child with a mental illness it is important that the parents also remembers to take care of themselves as well. Here are so self-care tip for parents of children with mental illness. 

9 Mental Habits That Will Turn You Bitter Over Time

Our psychological habits come from out personalities and emotional make-ups. Our psychological habits included things such as: how we interpret events, thoughts that run through our head, and how we think the world works. There are some psychological habits that can cause us to become bitter over time. 

Steps to Take When Someone Hurts You

If you are around people for a long period of time, you will more than likely experience getting your feelings hurt by someone. You could be hurt by a friend, a significant other, or a family member. When you are hurt by someone it can be difficult to know how to react to the situation. Gregory L. Jantz Ph.D., a contributor writer for Psychology Today, has some tips on what to do when someone hurts you. 

7 Subtle Signs of Depression You Shouldn't Ignore

Most people who have depression, have no idea that they even have it. There is so little awareness about mental health issues; most people don't know the signs of depression. Most might think that the signs of having depression would be pretty obvious. According to Amy Morin, a contributor writer for Psychology Today, says there are subtle signs of depression that shouldn't be ignored.

The Necessity of Counseling for Teens

Adolescence is a difficult life stage. It's not quite childhood anymore, but it's not adulthood either. Teens are pulling away from their parents, rebelling, experimenting, and exploring. If provided with the right tools, this stage of life can be an exciting one. However, some times, circumstances at home or school can create challenges for teens - challenges that are above and beyond what they already face as adolescents.