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What Gratitude Can Do For You...Especially if You're in Recovery

If you're in recovery from addiction, then perhaps you already know why you want to stay sober. See how gratitude can help you with sobriety in your life.

8 Things You Shouldn't Say to People in Recovery

When someone is going through recovery, it can be an extremely hard journey. If your have a family or friend that is in recovery you most likely want to support them and have them be successful through it all. However sometimes it's hard to be a support system because you may not know the right things to say. Sasha Bronner, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post has a list of 8 things not to say to someone in recovery. 

Reasons to Include Family Therapy in Your Recovery

It’s not uncommon that the reason why you’re drinking or using drugs is because of your family. Perhaps it was the relationship with your parents, siblings, or cousins growing up. Or maybe it’s that your parents fought in front of you. Or it might be that your parents did not entirely meet your emotional or psychological needs. Whatever the reason, your upbringing and early family life might have been the contributors to the patterns of addiction and a desire to get drunk or high in the first place.

Finding the Courage to Be Yourself in Relationships

For recovering addicts, relationships can be one of the most challenging areas of life.  It’s where we might feel the most vulnerable, uncomfortable, or emotionally weak. Relationships tend to trigger us in ways that other areas of life don’t. And this is especially true for those who have struggled with an addiction in the past.

Expect Two Steps Forward and One Back on the Road to Recovery

There are going to be ups and downs in recovery. In fact, if it were always an uphill route then most people would find recovery an easy path to take. What makes recovery so challenging, but also meaningful, is that it is a process of healing yourself. Any successes you make are made because you changed. Any failures that take place happen because of a choice you made or a behavior you took. What's great about recovery is that you're in the driver's seat.