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men and mental health

8 Self-Care Tips for Parents of Children with Mental Illness

Being a parent is no easy task, but being a parent of a child who has a mental illness can be even more difficult. Taking care a child with a mental illness can be a lot of work and extremely stressful. When taking care of a child with a mental illness it is important that the parents also remembers to take care of themselves as well. Here are so self-care tip for parents of children with mental illness. 

13 Things Men with Anxiety and Depression Want You to Know

There is a stigma when it comes to men and mental illness. Most men feel as if they can express that they are suffering from mental illnesses such as, anxiety and depression. Lindsay Holmes, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post, says "In a society where "being a man" is conflated with being tough, it's hard for men to come forward and reveal they have a mental health condition." Here are 13 things that men with a mental illness what you to know: