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13 Things Men with Anxiety and Depression Want You to Know

There is a stigma when it comes to men and mental illness. Most men feel as if they can express that they are suffering from mental illnesses such as, anxiety and depression. Lindsay Holmes, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post, says "In a society where "being a man" is conflated with being tough, it's hard for men to come forward and reveal they have a mental health condition." Here are 13 things that men with a mental illness what you to know:

  1. It's a health issue
  2. It's important to open up about anxiety 
  3. Men with anxiety are seen as "weak" -- and that's a problem 
  4. Lifestyle changes can help 
  5. Insensitive comments can sometimes stand in the way of support 
  6. If you want to know more about what they're dealing with, ask thoughtful questions 
  7. Mental health issues can be all-consuming 
  8. Anxiety and depression don't discriminate 
  9. The conditions can cause poor thoughts 
  10. Treatment can make anxiety and depression manageable 
  11. Mental illness is not just "all in your head" 
  12. It's important to identify--and speak out--about the symptoms
  13. Anxiety and depression should never make you feel ashamed

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