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5 Tips for Healing the Relationships In Your Life

Relationships aren't always easy to maintain. People change, circumstances in life don't always stay the same. When there are major changes in someone's life, the relationships they have can also change.

Why Therapy is Important for Everyone

If you have a mental health condition (such as depression, anxiety, or addiction), there are many ways that therapy can be useful. In fact, mental health professionals often use therapy as a part of a treatment plan to help a person overcome the challenges of mental illness. For instance, therapy can help a person identify unhealthy thinking patterns, make better choices, and use healthy coping tools. Therapy is frequently used to assist with managing the symptoms of the psychological illness they are experiencing.

Questions to Asked a Loved One Who is Expressing Suicidal Ideation

It can be difficult to know how to help a loved one who is expressing thoughts of suicide. Vincent Fitzgerald wrote an article on about the 5 questions to ask someone who is expressing suicidal ideations. The first question Vincent suggests asking is "Do you have a plan?" The article discusses how if someone who has expressed suicidal ideation has a plan that means that they have suicidal intent rather than contemplation.