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The Effects That Bullying Can Cause

There are different types of bullying such as emotional, physical, and cyber bullying. Since social networking has made it so much easier to spread information over the internet, cyber bullying has become a much bigger problem. According to an article from, bullying can cause teenagers to become anxious, or depressed. In addition the article also states that bullying can cause teens to have problems eating and sleeping. Bullying can even effect the way that a teenager performs in school. It is important to get the issues that bullying causes properly treated, or else they can effect the teenagers adult life which can cause additional problems. 

Tips on Talking to Your Boss About Your Mental Health Issues

It's hard to share your mental health problems with your boss. It is important to be able to talk to your boss about your issues related to mental health.

The Importance of Adult Guidance for Teens With Depression

Teens are experiencing many changes in their lives it can be hard to know how to deal with the emotions that come with it. Adult guidance can help with this

How To Help Your Loved Ones Who Are Suffering From Depression

It can be hard to know what you can do to help your loved ones with depression. Its important to make sure that you let your loved one know that you care.

The Importance of Forgiving Others

Learning how to forgive is an important step to relieving burdens that have been brought on by other people. Elisha Goldstein's article on talks about how another persons pain, ignorance, or confusion can be the cause of these burdens. She also points out that the best thing about forgiveness is that it only takes one person, you!  It can be difficult to know how to forgive. Elisha suggests to think about the situation that has caused your resentment. while you are immersed in the emotions that that situation caused, observe your emotions and how you feel physically. 

Running To Help others With Mental Illness

A group of 6 individuals who have a history of mental illness decided to run across the country to raise awareness and to help others who also suffer from mental illness

The Affect Depression Has On Romantic Relationships

Depression is a mental illness that can cause you to feel isolated. This isolated feeling can affect your romantic relationship. Call us today for help.

What Causes Self Harm?

There are so many different reasons as to what can cause someone to harm themselves. It is important to keep in mind that you are not the only one!