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finding yourself

Ways to Stomp on Your Inner Critic and Love Yourself

We have a little voice in our head that like to challenge us. Usually that voice can discourage us more than it encourages us. The little voice in our head seems to have a lot of power is what we do. That voice can be your worse critic. Here are some ways you can defeat your inner critic and learn to love yourself more. 

10 Smart Self-Care Tips to Avoid Stress and Increase Joy

Self-care is extremely important for you mental and physical health. Nowadays, we easily let ourselves get too busy and forget to take the time to ourselves. Linda Esposito, a contributor writer for Psychology Today, has some tips on self-care and how to avoid stress. 


    7 Tips to Find Yourself When You're Feeling Lost

    There are many things that can factor into making a person feel lost. A person can feel lost in their job, relationship, role as a parent or just feeling lost in life in general. When a person is feeling lost in a certain part of their life, it can make life a lot harder. Fortunately, there are some tips to help find yourself when you are feeling lost: