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What is Family Therapy, and How Can it Benefit Me?

Family therapy brings each family member together to discuss and understand their family dynamics. Family therapy can help ease the pain of certain events.

4 Steps to Prevent a Bad Divorce

The process of getting a divorce is never easy. Sometimes is can take over a year for the divorce to be finalized. Most people would do anything to avoid a bad divorce. Wendy Paris, a contributor writer for Psychology Today has some tips on how to prevent a bad divorce. 

Dealing with Divorce and Addiction

Some people who suffer from addiction, can be really good at hiding the fact that they have an addiction. Because of this, a lot of people may not know that they are marrying an addict. Another thing that is common is that the addiction is developed later in the marriage. This can later lead to divorce. A contributor writer for "Divorce Magazine," says choosing to divorce can be a difficult for both people. The writer writes about how to deal with divorce and addiction. 

For the Sake of the Children

There are many married couples in this world that are unhappy, but for the sake of the children. Although it is important to think of your children when there is a possibility of separation or divorce, you also don't want to raise them in a family that is not intact. Many couples in unhappy marriages fear what effect divorce may have on their children.